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Picture of Wilfred Heiner

Wilfred Heiner
Research & Development, Osypka AG

Wilfred Heiner is a medical engineering, expert in medical devices since 1992. He has worked in the Research & Development divisions of several companies in the field, such as Cordis a J&J (Roden, the Netherlands), Alvimedica medical technologies (Istanbul, Turkey), and Osypka AG (Rheinfelden, Germany), where he is currently employed.

Mr Heiner, you have a large experience in the field of research and development of MR dedicated devices. Osypka AG, the company you work for, is very much interested in the technologies and materials that can be used for the development of new MR-dedicated medical devices. In what kind of context is the Openmind project going to operate?

First of all, let me say that we are looking forward to the results of the Openmind project. The project should bring new materials and technologies that can be used to develop and produce new dedicated medical devices. For MR dedicated devices, it is especially interesting to develop interventional medical devices that are used for time-consuming procedures. For patients and physicians the amount of radiation in extended interventional procedures can raise too much. In the case of pediatrics, in particular, the best would be to avoid radiation. Osypka AG is indeed developing several medical devices for pediatric interventional procedures, such as baby stents and intravascular balloons.

Horizon 2020 is focusing the attention on strengthening the bond between research and the needs of the market. From your point of view, is Openmind addressing an underexploited segment of the medical devices market? Is so, what are the potentialities?

Of course, there are things that can be improved. Let’s take as an example retrograde CTO procedures. Here there is a need .014” and .012” MR dedicated guide wires and micro catheters with extreme good track ability performance. Or EP procedures, here there is a need of development in catheters with optic-electric solutions. Or again pediatric interventional procedures as well as interventional neuro radiology procedures.

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