Openmind is honored to catch the attention of experts, who are not directly engaged with the project, and share their opinions and ideas.
Their experience and credibility shed new light on our goals and achievements.

Here follows the interview with:

George Love

George Love
Global Director of Operations, Natvar

Openmind project has interviewed George Love, Global Director of Operations at Natvar, an innovative global supplier of precision medical tubing solutions for a broad spectrum of medical device products which target hospital, physician, dental healthcare and in-home use. Natvar’s unique, precision-crafted medical tubing solutions are used by the majority of leading medical device companies around the world for applications such as intravenous therapy, dialysis equipment, insulin delivery, cardiovascular procedures, drainage, catheterization and many others. The company has four manufacturing facilities located in the United States, Asia and Europe. George has a vast experience in the medical field. We have asked him a couple of questions on our project.

OPENMIND project has the ambitious goal to develop a flexible technology for manufacturing disposable medical devices, a metal free design based on fibre-reinforced plastics that will offer multi-modal compatibility with X-Ray, CT and even MRI. As an expert, how do you evaluate the potentialities of the OPENMIND project in your field?

At Natvar, we are a global supplier of precision medical tubing solutions for a broad spectrum of medical devices which target hospital, physician, dental healthcare, and in home use. Our team has pride in the fact that problem solving and collaborative solutions allow for advances in the disposable medical device market. The project at OPENMIND aligns with this global perspective that devices with multi-modal compatibility will surface as innovative solutions in the future. The project is an example of how innovation and integration will continue to shape the device market and how OEM’s, like Natvar, can continue to evolve the way we manufacture. The integration of multiple machines to produce an entire system for medical device manufacturing will provide challenges but simultaneously offer alternatives at which lead times are dramatically reduced for custom solutions. This “time to solution” is an area that Natvar looks to minimize with each project. 

The new production chain of Openmind project is based on FRP production processes, in order to introduce a new generation of minimally invasive devices. These devices will be widely customizable by doctors with the unique property of being fully MRI safe which will boost the evolution of MRI from a sophisticated diagnostic technology to a powerful therapeutic tool. In your opinion, how can this technique open new business scenarios?

Fiber-Reinforced Plastics show an alternative to metal in certain device applications today however, there are mechanical properties of metal that still lack a true alternative. As a manufacturer of tubing for the device industry we continuously look for advantages for our customers using new materials, some of which include fiber-reinforced plastics. The technique allowing for doctors to fully customize devices could generate a new family of products for the MRI market, many of which have been under-developed or even unexplored due to the lack of medical devices available. In such cases it could allow for a new generation of products which may eliminate invasive surgery altogether.