Openmind is honored to catch the attention of experts, who are not directly engaged with the project, and share their opinions and ideas.
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Here follows the interview with:

Bo Reenberg

Bo Reenberg Hansen
Consultant, Reenberg & Co

Setting the Global standard for “Connected technologies”. This is, in a few words, the vision of Reenberg & Co. Openmind project has interviewed Bo Reenberg Hansen, consultant and senior project manager. Bo has a vast experience in the medical field. For more than 20 years his work has dedicated a special focus on Transfer, Ramp up, Extrusion and injection moulding form early development to full scale production. We have asked him a couple of questions on our project.

Dear Mr Reenberg, as you know, OPENMIND will develop a new production chain based on FRP (fibre-reinforced plastics) production processes (micro-pullwinding). This technology combines, in a miniaturized manner, the well-known pultrusion process with additional winding sections to come up with a new generation of multi-modal minimally invasive devices customizable by doctors. According to your experience, and from a technical point of view, to what degree is this process innovative?

As I see it, the innovative part is primarily related to the customization options, which are done, of course, in a miniaturized manner. Such a small scale requires a new way of thinking and a new set of knowledge. When things are made on a larger scale, a certain level of “forgiveness” is accepted. A change in the material or in the equipment does not compromise the final product in a significant way. On the contrary, when you work within microns, it is a totally different story. The biggest task of the Openmind project is, from my point of view, to specify the requirements of the FRP. Trial runs will follow and the documentation phase will gather all the information needed. Once the preliminary study is done and the customization of the devices to optimal usage starts, that is where the innovation really begins. This is the ground-breaking part of the Openmind project. Just think about the advantages of having a light and controlled product, partially flexible, but still strong and stiff. This is a large improvement from what is in use today and will clearly cause less trauma and complications to the patients. I predict a small revolution in this area if the project succeeds.

In recent research projects guide wires made of FRP have been developed. Nevertheless, they have been developed relying on conventional processes and thus mostly employ the same discontinuous steps. The approach of the OPENMIND process comprises two pillars: the integration and flexibilisation of all relevant process steps into a continuous and fully automated process chain; the seamless monitoring of all steps and the feedback of the data into the process for optimisation and process development. How do you evaluate this approach? What do you think about it?

The general approach of a technology based project is that of taking some well-known processes and combine them. This has been the procedure and the strategy for many companies so far, and their way to bring new products to the market. What I think is really innovative and positive about the Openmind Project, is that it brings scientific and technical partners together. They work to drive production to a new level, where it is not only the customized devices that matter, but also the process, which is fully automated and controlled. Everybody is talking about Industry 4.0, meaning that the process settings is controlled and documented. What I see, is that Openmind project takes this concept a step further, combining inline measuring with data mining algorithms to predict new process parameters from what has already been gathered during earlier production. This is something that, when confirmed and approved, will be beneficial for the output and the development speed, but even more for the safety and usage of the devices. This could implement a wide range of different industrial processes. I hope, and I am sure, that the outcomes of the Openmind project will be useful and that they will turn into a huge success.