OPENMIND will develop a new process chain that makes the on-demand customisation of minimally invasive devices as a part of a continuous process a possibility. The implementation will be shown using a minimally invasive guide wire as a demonstrator device and all relevant process parameters will be monitored and analysed. Furthermore, advanced quality control methods based on state-of-the-art SPC will be developed to ensure product quality even for small and single lot sizes.

The OPENMIND process chain will be based on an existing additive production process generating multi-material micro profiles for use in minimally invasive devices made of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP). This micro-pullwinding process will be combined with previously separated stations for the application of visualisation markers and biocompatible coatings.

In addition, the process will be expanded with the first laser ablation station, that which permits contactless all-sided machining without turning the product. All modules will be significantly modified so they can perform their respective operations. The new process chain will be able to produce extensively customised multi-layer / multi-material minimally invasive medical devices with added functions, in a fully automated system. Finally, the modular design of all stations with standardised interfaces will guarantee easy integration into other applications.