The main goal of the OPENMIND project is to create the first flexible process chain for the customised manufacturing of medical disposables. The advanced process chain will close the gap between efficiently produced standard products and individually designed products, even allowing for the production of small batches, and, furthermore, will be able to carry out the automated optimisation of the running process.

The key objectives of the project are:

  • To generate an understanding of the physics of the process chains to obtain
    comprehensive process know-how for modelling
  • To develop a highly flexible in-line machining and finishing system for fully automated mass customisation as part of a continuous process
  • To develop an integrated data structure and data storing concept and model the process chain and the implementation of data mining algorithms
  • To develop and realise a comprehensive measuring and monitoring concept for all process-relevant data
  • To assess the new process chain’s monitoring and data mining functionas regarding on-demand production