The advanced system designed by OPENMIND needs to optimise and facilitate time consuming process parameter development by analysing previously acquired process data, in order to automatically predict efficient process parameters on-demand for the manufacturing of new product variants. In this field, OPENMIND will develop a comprehensive monitoring and data handling system with advanced data mining functions for fast process development and optimisation. This system will be based on a process model that will be developed and quantified in an early stage of the project by all partners.

All acquired data will be processed and analysed by advanced data mining algorithms built with inputs from previously produced devices. The generated database will furthermore be used to apply predictions on process parameters for future device configurations and will therefore simplify product development cycles significantly.

The integrated monitoring system, controlled by advanced data mining algorithms, will enable the new process chain to fulfil its tasks even for small and single lots. This tailored monitoring system will go far beyond current state-of-the-art process monitoring methods.